Who am I really?

This is the eternal question posed by every ‘thinking’ human being from time immemorial. The hunt to break through this perpetual mystery has fascinated the best and blessed of our human race – resulting in world leaders, philosophers, prophets, saints, mystics, theologians, preachers, scientists, poets, writers and enormous volumes of writings.

Although so many celebrated people or writings boast themselves as holding the answer to this bewitching question, they helped very little in filling the emptiness we feel in this age of materialism based science and technology.

Truly speaking, the answers to this question have created and still are creating the greatest chaos the world has ever seen or experienced.

The Author’s Books make for interesting and enlightening reading by portraying an inspiring life of a clambering Soul who won her battles after a long struggle. More enthralling are her Direct Dialogues with Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who is being worshipped by millions around the world as an Avatar or The Living God.

During the reading of Irene’s exemplary writings and experiences, Your Soul Memory will be activated for the benefit of Mankind.