About the Author

This is the story of one Woman’s Journey to find herself – Her Truth – The answer to the Question – Who Am I Really?

The Author was born in Penicuik, near Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and migrated to Australia early in life. At present Irene lives in Perth, Western Australia, and is the mother of two adult daughters and grandmother of two.

As a small child Irene always felt God was with her. However, as times of great sadness and despair unfolded she momentarily lost touch with her Inner Self – The God Self.

Later in life Irene began searching in earnest, searching for yet a deeper, more significant meaning to life and for life.

The Author’s Spiritual Sojourns took her to many Countries of Spiritual Significance – Egypt, Peru, Tibet, Easter Island, Trinidad, Mexico, Southern England, Northern Scotland, and ‘specific’ areas in Europe and the USA.

Finally her journey took her to India, where she discovered the ‘Jewel in The Crown’ – Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

As her journey progressed her Regressive Soul Cellular Memory and Recall developed, allowing her ‘access’ to an amazing array of knowledge. This culminated in the ability to be ever present with Baba in the form of DIRECT DIALOGUE.

It was then life became really interesting, as a world of the previously ‘unknown’ opened and exacted as a Karmic and then Dharmic Path.

Irene’s journey is one of excitement at the discovery of previously withheld information, a good dose of humour, coupled with both inner and outer conflict as she so desperately tried to live by THE TRUTH!

The Author now smiles at the innocence of  her Healing Techniques and Questions earlier on, and then marvels at the opportunities for growth in all areas of Self, as she came face to face with ‘the Living God’ – Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

What appeared relatively complicated and difficult work, was all but an ‘illusion’ of the Monkey Mind – The Ego.

When you release The Ego and SURRENDER – all flows in the Divine River of Light and Love.

Irene has often said – ‘As for me, I am only the vehicle for the writing, counselling and healing, the ‘I’ does not do the work – Baba does all!’

The Author leaves you to be part of her profound experience, and hopefully at the very least for you to experience and reflect on FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

‘When the Hand of The Lord rested upon My Crown it was time to publish the books.’