I guess that is the question we need to ask ourselves at this time!
Our Cry is no longer a Cry in the Wilderness – IT IS A MIGHTY ROAR!

The Personal and Universal Upheavals we are experiencing NOW really need to be defined – even at this late stage of our Spiritual Enquiry!
In this book the Author tabulates and discusses the COMPLEXITIES OF THE SOUL –
Soul Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Soul Recovery, Soul Calibration, Soul Splicing, Soul Contracts, Soul Segment Separation and Recovery, Activation of the Higher Spiritual Acceleratory Point, The Line of Defence, Karma – Separation, Divorce, Release of Friendships and abuse of The Elderly.

Irene experienced the Energies of the USA – Yellowstone National Park, Zion and Bryce Canyons, The Grand Canyon and the desert regions of Arizona and the Native American Indian interaction.

Also included is information regarding Re-calibration of the Energy, Grid and Ley lines of France, Italy, Sicily and the energetic link-up of The Vatican, The Monte Carlo Casino to the Mafia in Sicily.

Under discussion are other Negative influences – The One World Government, Bio- Warfare, Alien Intervention, Black Magic, Death of The True Self or is it Death of The
False Self, Negative Belief Patterning, Suicide and THE EGO!

The Author was asked by Sri Sathya Sai Baba to include His Personal Correspondence, and THE HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL MAP AND DICTUM RELATING TO CATASTROPHES AND CHANGE!

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