Who Am I Really?



Volume II of Who Am I Really is the continuation of Volume I.
The Author dialogues freely with Sri Sathya Sai Baba in relation to yet more areas of Spiritual Understanding.

Areas of interest in this book include India and The Breath of Life – Expectations & Outcomes, True Soul Communication, Soul Unison, Reflection & Sympatico, Embracing the Shadow Self, Dualism & Non Dualism, Spiritual Discipline, The Sai Centering Seminars & Workshops, Remedial Integrated Transgressor Cellular Memory Activation, Global Transmission Numbers, Molecular Break-up Facilitation Process and Spiritual Burnout.

The next chapter, The Heartbeat of My Soul asks the question – Is Sai Baba God, The Lingam, Surface Soul Memory Syndrome, Alternative Molecular Dynamic Patterning Structure, The Dichotomy of Change, Cloning, Guidelines for attaining God Centeredness, Stem Cell Research, Bio-dynamics of Matter, Forgiveness and Love.

The most frequently asked questions by most Spiritual Aspirants, are given answers
directly from Baba. This is followed by more discussions from Baba regarding the Occipital Circle of Life & Death, Cosmic Explosion, Global Terrorism, Commitment to God Self, DNA Codes – Personal, Bible, Divine, Access, also Swami’s Healings, Soul Numbers & Activation.

Finally the Author’s personal experiences with The Ancient Holistic Healing System of Ayurveda are described in detail. Also Astrological Predictions – Past & Present, Separation from the Ego Self and Energetic Dissidence are evaluated.