Who Am I Really?



This Memorial Booklet for Students and Devotees comes in the form of a tribute, to help guide and ease us into and through the ‘transition’ period we will all experience one day, when faced yet once again with Life and THE FORMLESS.

It is a booklet of cohesion, formulating and encapsulating the 5 Human Values into a Book of LOVE.

The writings were specifically singled out as a ‘gift’ from Baba to his students, incorporating a ‘special’ message written on 18th November 2003.

Volume III contains the very ‘essence’ of all of Baba’s Teachings – Love is My Form, Time is of the Essence, Chanting The Vedas, The Tide is about to turn on Humanity, Man hungers for Power, The Three Disciplines – Unity, Purity & Divinity, Darkness foreshadows The Earth, Lack of Discipline, Ceiling on Desires, The Galactic Federation Council of 9, Time Demand Fractional Systems, Forgiveness is The Key and finally BABA’S MESSAGE FOR THE STUDENTS.

To be afforded the opportunity to write these Truths, no matter how humble they may appear to be, has been in itself – A Divine Blessing.

It is with great love, devotion and gratitude, I humbly present these writings back to The Lotus Feet of The Divine – Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

May the Prasad of The Lord be with you always, as the Lotus flowering of Human Life is garlanded with the Ashes of Time

– Baba.